Monday, February 11, 2008

savings account

keep a savings bank account in a nearest bank. keep all your money transactions in this account. As far as possible, use chequebook only. The interst rate you get from savings bank is as low as 4 percent. but for money manipulations, this account is needed . But never keep good amount of money in this savings account for long term ,or more than one month. You can receive salary into this savings bank account. Another thing. You should have a good habbit of keeping track of expenses and income. For every paise or penny should account for.Otherwise problem comes.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


When your savings are considerably high, after paying recurring deposit if you have enough money, better join a reliable chitfund company. They collect monthly from you and after two years or so, you get good amount with about 35 percent of interest. The chitfund organizing method is different. In chitfunds, you can save as well as you can get a loan too. But reliability is of the company is important. margadarshi, kapil, sudarshan etc are good chitfund companies.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

fixed deposits

When you receive bulk amount of money from maturement of Recurring deposit or chitfund, you can save that amount in fixed deposits. Though the interest rate from fixed deposit is comparatively low, it is not unwise to save amounts in fixed deposit. you can cancil at any time and get your money back

Monday, February 4, 2008

recurring deposit

Open this recurring deposit with a post office or a nearest bank. every month you will pay them as per your committment. Keep the term for one or two years only. Not more than that. Keep the monthly instalment also low, which can be paid from your piggy bank accumulation. When ever you get salary, drop some amount into piggy bank and collect it and pay to recurring deposit. When your savings are more , open another recurring deposit for another short tenure and save in that too. Never keep the payment goal not reachable in this saving method.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

piggy bank

This is the first instrument in saving habbit. Keep a piggy bank where you can drop coins or notes from your savings. when you find coins scattered in your home, collect them and drop them into piggy bank and that accumulates into considerable income. When ever you avoid unnecessary expenditure like movies, going out , eating out, drop that amount into this piggy bank and at the end of month it would be interesting to you. When the accumulation is sizable, transfer them to any of the following methods of short term savings.

Friday, February 1, 2008

money saving methods

when you start earning money you have to think of saving money and allowing it to grow rapidly. To become rich you have to save initially and deploy savings for faster growth of the money. Without savings you can not have money and growing rich is out of question. First to save, you should earn money. This earning can be from a job, royalties, interst income or rents. What ever you get every month, keep a side some amount as saving. When that money is saved that can be invested properly for short term growth and long term growth.